A well-rehearsed team!

Professionalism, empathy, ambition and humor characterize our work.
Heike Witzgall

Heike Witzgall


I started my career as a professional photographer in 1992. My passion is to offer perfect photographic service to our bridal-couples throughout one of the most important days in their live

Tjark Witzgall

Tjark Witzgall

The handyman

Where ever you need me: I`ll be there. I care about the equipment, the the arrangements, direction in the background and the organization.

More than just a job


As a well-rehearsed team, our ambition is to accompany your wedding in a professional and emotional way.
These photos are also going to remind you of the promise you gave each other during your wedding ceremony.

Your photos show a value that lasts forever.
To us it is a privilege and a remarkable responsibility being that important part of your wedding. We will be witnesses of your story of the day, that is so particular for you. .

Our experience helps us as we know, what the memories will mean to you and your guests after a while. That`s why we thing about the whole event, about every detail. Your wedding expresses your personality.

Every celebration is unique, every couple is special

Our photography is a product that combines flexibility, confidentiality and creativity. Our small and exclusive family business is our passion.

Your pleasure is going to be our success


Heike & Tjark Witzgall




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