We love weddingphotos
Heike and Tjark Witzgall

We love weddingphotos

Your wedding day should be something very special – as special as your wedding photos have to be. The more authentic and natural they are, the more you will like them through your whole marriage. You spend a lot of energy and time on one of your most amazing days of your life. Your wedding is going to be a memorable event for you and your guests. Every moment, every situation, every emotion is unique.

Your wedding day is not only a party. It is a piece of history for you and your family. It is a wonderful story that will be told in every detail to your kids, to your grandchildren and even to your great-grandchildren. It would be a real pity if those magic moments would lose their fascination in the following years. That’s why it is really important for you to have professional and authentic photos of your wedding. We take care of your memorable day, you are entitled to get the most exclusive weddingphotos. Give us the chance to prove that we are unique!

Heike Witzgall weddingphotos

Black and white is our passion.

No other photographic style reduces emotions on the essential. No other way of photography keeps its fascination even after many years: black and white is at the same time modern, timeless and stylish. Of course we do not process all your weddingphotos in black and white. Particular moments request a touch of color. A phantastic sunset for example – together with your wedding outfit in the foreground – can only be a wonderful memory if the colors are chosen well. Of course we respect this circumstance, as well as your particular and individual desires.

Our ambition is to produce simply the best, the most emotional, the most honest and the most authentic moments of your wedding. We are conscious that for you only the best is good enough to keep in mind one of the most important days of your life.

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